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Hi! I'm Heather!

It is honestly hard for me to decide where I have learned the most, grown the most or enjoyed my time the most over these 30 something years.  I have spent many years in the great state of Texas (Lubbock, Waco, Fort Worth and Dallas), went to school in Virginia, and work as a travel nurse throughout the US.  I have learned so much and have met some of the greatest people on my travels.  I love sharing all that I have learned and continue to learn as a wife, a nurse, a mom to a sweet boy in heaven, and 2 precious babies here on earth.  Life isn't always easy, and that is okay! We serve a good God that provides exactly what we need when we need it, and allows us to learn and grow throughout every experience.  Life is messy y'all, but God is changing and growing me as he brings beauty through these ashes. 

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