Our first born, John Gabriel Greene


Well my dear friends it’s been a while… I decided I needed time to process, time to just really realize all that we have gone through and just be present.  So I backed away… from a lot of things.  It’s crazy the things that losing our boy has taught me, but one of those is that it is okay to not be able to do it all, to say no.  I think often times our society pressures us into doing things… expectations are placed on our...


If you missed part one it can be found here: Part one

The moments after our sweet boy was born were both hard and oh so sweet.  Our boy was so perfect.  Jerry and I were able to spend some time with our boy, just us, admiring how perfectly the Lord made him.  He was so big and so strong… his hands and feet were big and just perfect.  I will never forget just how perfect he was or the peace that I felt.  I don’t know who was pra...


For those of you that have been walking this journey with me, this is by far the hardest season of my life.  Bear with me as I try to document, honor, and explain just how broken hearted Jerry and I are.  After finding out we were expecting our sweet baby in March I moved back to Texas in July.  We were blown away by the grace of God seeing so clearly the blessing that we had been given in this sweet baby.  Our pregnancy was f...

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