How has another month gone by? I find myself wondering that a lot.  The days seem to be so long but the weeks so quick.  I am learning that is true of life… many long days, long shifts at work, long struggles, yet time seems to go by and those struggles begin to feel so small compared to the next.  As a child I was taught that the Lord cared about the little things just as He does the big things in our lives and I really feel...


Well my dear friends it’s been a while… I decided I needed time to process, time to just really realize all that we have gone through and just be present.  So I backed away… from a lot of things.  It’s crazy the things that losing our boy has taught me, but one of those is that it is okay to not be able to do it all, to say no.  I think often times our society pressures us into doing things… expectations are placed on our...


I realized the other day that I failed to update post on update on our relationship until we had the baby.  It’s crazy the way the Lord works things out for HIS good.  I married the love of my life last October... When I look back on our journey to that point it can almost be comical at times.  I met Jerry when I was just 16 years old… almost 17 years ago.  We were in a relationship off and on throughout those years, but I kne...


I want to start by just thanking everyone.  The fear, anxiety and anticipation of sharing my story was real.  I spent the day preparing myself and my heart for the unknown.  I had moments of knowing, hearing, and feeling the Lord draw close to me that day but I also had satan beginning to attack me and my strength.  I can tell you that day wasn’t easy… but it was necessary and it was something the Lord was clear about me needi...


That little girl in Lubbock, Texas started to grow up…. 

Elementary school was a dream.  For those of you who grew up in Lubbock can we take a moment of silence for good ole Murfee Elementary.  Man that school, those teachers, my peers enriched my life in so many ways.  A few memories for old times sake…. We had the most amazing kindergarten class room… I mean who wouldn’t want to play in a two story fort?!

In first g...


I have been thinking about all the things I want to put out there to the world.... and IT'S A LOT. You see life hasn't always been easy. I have learned that some people may seem to have it easier than you, but that is all in perception.  You never really know what a person is going through unless you ask, or know them below the surface.  For me that is a struggle.  I don't let people go beyond the surface often because I'm afr...


I CANNOT wait to share with you some of my FAVORITE things.... the list is growing!!!! Stay tuned for some exciting day to day tips, favorites, and fun! 

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