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Getting back on track!

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Gaining weight is NEVER EASY... can I get an amen?! As we began thinking about getting pregnant again, I knew that I needed to get my body ready to carry another precious baby, and lose the weight I had put on during our last pregnancy. Please don't think that is something easy to think about... more on that later. My sweet husband has been so supportive and it has been fun to do this together. Anyone else out there have a bad habit of eating whatever is easiest or most convenient?! AKA fast food??? I spent a lot of my pregnancy out in California working alone so it was hard to cook for just one person, and I honestly was lazy LOL! THIS HAS BEEN A TOTAL GAME CHANGER! I finally feel like I am getting back to Heather, not the old me because that is impossible after all that we have gone through... but the new me that has been changed forever.

So we started researching the different "diets"... there are just so many! Keto, paleo, whole30, weight watchers I mean I could really go on and on... One thing that I want to make sure is clear to you is that I DID NOT want a diet... I have been on diets my whole life and they may help you get some "weight" off temporarily but they are not lasting! A lifestyle change is what we were in search of. Please know that there is not a "right" answer to this, this is our experience and how we are doing it! My sweet husband loves to cook, and is really good at it whereas I know how to make a few things well LOL! So we have shared the responsibility of cooking, which has been fun! We each go on pinterest and pick out 3 meals a week... we tend to pick out stuff more paleo because to us that is manageable, but we aren't crazy strict about it! Every Sunday night I take those recipes and make our grocery list... We LOVE Amazon fresh! If you haven't been using it, you are missing out! Amazon recently bought Wholefoods, so a lot of our food is Wholefoods food that is delivered straight to our doorstep at the time we have "reserved"! Cold foods are packaged with ice packs, and frozen foods with dry ice... It really is wonderful!

I am hoping to share some of our favorite recipes here in the coming weeks! Let me know what you are liking and trying! We are in this together friends! Here is a link to my pinterest so you can see what we have been making, and what is on the menu for this week! Make sure you follow the board to stay updated on what we are liking!

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